Slack reminders for GitHub pull requests

Backed up on code reviews? Cut down your pull request queue with automatic Slack reminders.


How it works

Set your notification settings and then let it do its magic.


“Pull Reminders gives us a clear snapshot of pull requests that need attention” -VP Engineering

“Regular reminders help make sure everyone is aware of lingering pull requests” -Lead Engineer

“Our team can now proactively complete code reviews and avoid having projects blocked” -Product Manager


GitHub orgs with up to 6 users Free
GitHub orgs with up to 25 users $59/mo
GitHub orgs with over 25 users $119/mo
All plans include a 5-day free trial.

Common questions

Who is behind this?

Pull Reminders was created by Abi Noda.

Is it secure?

Pull Reminders uses OAuth and does not get access to any of your source code.

Why does it cost money?

Subscription fees pay for server costs and development of new features.

Does it work for large teams (20+ engineers)?

Email us to access beta features for large teams.

How do I request a feature?

Email us. We'd love to hear from you.

Does this work with GitLab, BitBucket, or Hipchat?

Not currently.