Backed up on pull requests?

Review and merge pull requests faster with automated Slack reminders.

Add to Slack

Join 1,000+ companies using Pull Reminders

Customize to fit your workflow

Set custom schedules and filters so your team is only reminded about pull requests that you want, when you want.

Personal notifications

Receive real-time notifications for pull request events including reviews, comments, merge conflicts, and failed CI builds.

Available on-demand

Run the /pullreminders Slack command to get a list of open pull requests whenever you want to catch up.


“We are shipping faster and PR review time has decreased. Pull Reminders is a great productivity boost for our engineering team.”

Tigran Hakobyan Software Engineer

“Within moments of using Pull Reminders, we found months old PRs that needed to be reviewed but were forgotten about.”

Austin Hammer Software Engineer

“Before we tried Pull Reminders, our oldest PR pending review was 8 months old. Now we have reduced that time by more than half.”

Shin Zhang Software Engineer

“Pull Reminders has remarkably improved our code review cycle time. PRs spend much less time waiting now!”

Ismail Ceylan Co-Founder

“Awareness has increased. Time to review has significantly decreased. As a result, our engineers' productivity has improved.”

David Virtser Engineering Manager

“Pull Reminders has drastically increased our cadence in merging features to provide more value to our customers!”

Jesse Adametz Engineering Manager