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“Our team is shipping faster and our PR review time has drastically decreased. Pull Reminders is a great productivity boost for our engineering team.”

-Tigran Hakobyan, Software Engineer Group

“Within moments of using Pull Reminders, we found months old PRs that needed to be reviewed and merged but were forgotten about.”

“Before we tried Pull Reminders, our oldest PR pending review was 8 months old. Now we have reduced that time by more than half.”

-Shin Zhang, Principal Engineer pivotal

“Awareness has increased. Time to review has significantly decreased. As a result, our engineers' productivity has improved.”

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“Pull Reminders has helped us clean up stale pull requests and drastically increased our cadence in merging features to provide more value to our customers!”


“Developers have been able to deliver code faster and easily stay on top of PRs that need their input.”



Up to 7 developers $14/mo
Up to 25 developers $49/mo
Up to 75 developers $99/mo

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Free for non-commercial open-source use.

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Does this work with GitHub Enterprise?

Pull Reminders can be setup on-premises and integrate with GitHub Enterprise. Email us if you are interested in learning more.

Where can I find your policies?

Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Does this work with GitLab or BitBucket?

Email us to get on our waitlist.